My nom de guerre is Pele Yoetz (peleyoetz AT fastmail DOT net). I came on Aliya to Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) from the US almost 30 years ago. Baruch Hashem (thank God) all my children and grandchildren are living in Yerushalayim and the surrounding settlements. I am an observant Jew. I fear God. I am a proactive, take-charge kind of person. I am a scientist. I work in hi-tech. But at the end of the day, I recognize that every second we remain alive, especially here in Eretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel),  is due only to Hashgacha Pratit (Divine Providence).

In order to financially provide for my growing family, I am forced to spend about half my time in Israel and half my time in the US. Due to the looming economic depression, not all of them can find work. I served in an IDF combat unit and so did my sons. I was actively involved in the grass roots anti-Oslo suicide process. I became and remain terminally disgusted with the government and so-called legal system of the State of Israel since the time of the Gaza expulsions. In some ways I  have become more virulently anti-government than the Neturia Karta. Their slogan has become mine Ein Anu Maminim B’Memshelet HaKofrim (we don’t believe in the government of the blasphemers). On the other hand, unlike Neturia Karta I realize that I have responsibilities towards my fellow Jews (or at least most of them) who live together with me in Eretz Yisrael regardless of their head covering or lack thereof. Even though I know and feel with all my heart and soul that Israel is still the best place, the only place, for a Jew to live, I still recognize that the regime here has terminal cancer.

There are a lot of former “National Religious” who think like me, or who are least beginning to think like me. To most of them this change is an extremely difficult process because they are forced to  question and rethink beliefs and values that they held dear for their whole lives. But for our children, who have far less psychological baggage, the switch is much faster. The vast majority of secular Jews are simply unable to fathom how much the ground is shifting under their feet. As long as our boys with the knitted kippot (yarmulkes) continue to agree to be their canon fodder in the IDF then they can continue merrily on their delusional way; like 5 months ago when the architects and the true believers of the Gaza Expulsion/Disengagement were finally forced to face the stark reality that their disengagement policy was a complete and utter fiasco, while the front line troops who were sent to save them were the same kids who they had expelled from their homes or who had demonstrated against this gross injustice and who the police were given free reign to brutalize by the so-called legal system.

Two prime examples of such a delusional thinkers are Bibi and his new US ambassador Michael Oren. I am certain that Bibi plans on betraying his right wing voters – exactly like Sharon did in his day. Bibi has been continually dropping hints to this effect since the day he was elected. I know that I’ll have a lot to say about this duo.

I cannot stay silent anymore. I know the system as well as any Sabra (native born Israeli). I cannot tolerate the endemic lies, corruption, and delusional thinking, that permeates every inch of the political and judicial process here. Maybe my blogging will simply be my own catharsis, and I’ll be shouting into an empty canyon, or maybe it will have some real effect. We’ll see. But having been part of the political process, I plan on saying things that the people in power really don’t want said. If my arrows hit their mark, then I have to be prepared for the establishment to attempt to use their arsenal of unjust artificial laws to silence me. I don’t feel obligated to fight them on their terms in their kangaroo courts. It is simply too expensive and time consuming, besides even facing the risk of being jailed. So I will remain anonymous, and do most of my blogging from the relative (legal) safety of US soil.

By no means do I plan on focusing exclusively on injustice, judicial and political issues, or responding to the anti-semitic vitriol that Israel’s left wing self-loathing newspaper Haaretz spews out – whose articles are carried world wide. I hope to spend much of my blogging effort on what it means to be a Jew in Jerusalem.  For example: Torah insights, Emunah (faith), Kiruv (bringing non-religious closer to God), attempting to resolve alleged conflicts between Torah and science, along with short vignettes about living as a Jew in Jerusalem.


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