Papal Visit Update: Ratzinger Insults Jewish People While The Israeli Government Grovels

The Vatican outrageously demanded that the Government of Israel remove the Israeli flag during the welcoming ceremony at the airport. Worse yet, the Israelis gave in to this demand, and obligingly sent the president along with an entourage of senior ministers to greet the pope. It reminds me of the previous papal visit in 2000 when the Vatican also got away with their outrageous demand that the 24×7 Israeli ambulance that they requested be part of the pope’s entourage have its markings removed because Israeli ambulances are not marked with a red cross, i.e. a Christian emblem, but rather with a red Magen David (Star of David), i.e. a Jewish emblem. That’s what I call boot-licking self-debasement.

Magen David Adom

Magen David Adom: Red Star of David affixed to Israeli ambulances {Wikipedia}

Ratzinger claimed that his visit was apolitical even though in his opening speech he called for two states for two peoples. Refer to the US State Department researcher Joan Peters book “From Time Immemorial” where she provided copious demographic evidence based upon Turkish Ottoman censuses and British Mandate censuses of Palestine to show that Arab Muslims (i.e. the so-called Palestinian Arabs) represented only a small fraction of the population of Palestine until the 1920’s when the British literally flooded the country with them (from Trans-Jordan and Saudi Arabia) after publishing their “White Paper” of 1922 when they decided to abrogate their own “Balfour Declaration” along with the mandate they had received from the League of Nations because it was no longer in their best economic (i.e. oil) interests to allow the Jews to control Palestine.

To top off today’s news, the Vatican Press Office officially denied that Ratzinger had been a member of the Hitler Youth movement, in spite of Ratzinger’s own admission to the contrary before he was elected pope. Vatican newspeak: It is important to say what is true and not to say false things about a very sensitive thing like this.

As I said in my post from yesterday, the pope can pontificate to his heart’s content in Rome or anywhere else in the world for that matter, except here in Yerushalayim the eternal capital of the Jewish People. No self respecting Jewish government should allow a Hitler Jungen to parade through our streets, to insult us, to insult our our intelligence, to insult the memory of the Six Million Jews murdered by the Nazis, and to insult the memory of the millions of Jews murdered over the past two millennium by Christendom in the name of Christianity.

However our fundamental problem is not Ratzinger, Achmedinajed, the UN, Obama, Jeremiah Wright, or any other anti-semite. Rather our fundamental problem is ourselves, and how we continually choose obsequious leaders. For the past 100 years the secular Israeli (Jews) have continually ridiculed religiously observant Jews, especially since the time of Holocaust, accusing them of obsequiousness and passivity when faced with insults, taunts, and threats from the Goyim (nations of the world). For 100 years they have described religiously observant Jews as Galuti (having a Diaspora complex), while the secular Jew prides himself with the image of one who stands with his back straight, holds his head high, and won’t take crap from anyone. They see themselves as the spiritual heirs of David, i.e. the shepherd youth who slung a single stone killing the giant warrior Goliath, with the Six Day War being the example par excellence.

Lets not fool ourselves. Besides a very few instances of defying the nations of the world (e.g.  the Entebbe raid, and the bombing of the Osirak nuclear reactor) all Israeli governments have been characterized by obsequiousness. Their motto has always been Ma Yomru HaGoyim (what will the nations of the world say). “If we don’t knuckle under to US pressure, then the US will not veto a condemnation by the (august) UN Security Council”. During the first Gulf War in 1991, the Iraqis fired 39 Scud missiles into Israel cities, while the Israeli government demanded that the IDF sit on its thumbs “for fear of upsetting the US sponsored coalition who will save us”. In 2006 Hezbollah fired thousands of missiles into northern Israeli towns and cities, while the US warned Israel to restrain themselves – so much so that the great IDF was trounced by a band of a few thousand terrorists. During the period 2005-2008, Hamas fired thousands of rockets into southern Israeli towns and cities. The US continually warned Israel to restrain themselves and to avoid a “disproportional” response. [Wouldn’t a proportional response have been to fire thousands of rockets into Hamas towns and cities]? Finally when the situation became so completely intolerable, and Israel had no choice other than attack Gaza, and they  (miraculously) crushed the Hamas  military (with far less IDF casualities than in their wildest dreams), the Galuti government refused to go in for the kill to wipe out the Hamas leadership because it would embarrass Obama and his inaugural ceremonies.

And the spectacular Six Day War was a Nes Galui (an open miracle). Massive causalities were expected. Every city had prepared mass public graves. The IDF Chief of Staff, “Saint” Yitzhak Rabin, was incapacitated with a nervous breakdown. Their were very few military lessons to be learned from the Six Day War because it was simply a miracle. How about “Egypt: Don’t keep all your planes parked on the runway, when you could keep them parked in underground shelters”. Or “Egypt: Don’t serve breakfast at the same time to all your pilots at all your airforce bases”.  Or  “Hevron: Don’t surrender a large city to a single IDF jeep”. Or “King of Jordan: Don’t believe Egyptian dictator’s propaganda filled news broadcasts”. Or “Syria: Don’t chain your soldiers to their bunkers”. Or “IDF (Battle of Dotan): In order for a small outpost to single handedly stop an attack by an armored brigade, fire off all your ordinance during a period of 2 minutes. Hope that the attacker won’t stick it out for 3 minutes, and won’t consider a flanking maneuver to simply avoid your static outpost”.

And finally secular Israel is the antithesis of the spiritual heir of David. David was always cognizant of the reason why he won his battles. The Lord that delivered me out of the paw of the lion, and out of the paw of the bear, he will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine [Samuel I 17:37]. He delights not in the the strength of the horse; he takes no pleasure in the legs of a man. The Lord takes pleasure in those who fear him, in those who hope in his steadfast love [Psalms 147:10-11].



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