A Week Of Shame: The Papal Visit To Jerusalem

This week Joseph Alois Ratzinger, Der Führer of the Vatican, is visiting Jerusalem along with other sites in Israel. Completely unlike the rest of the world where multitudes greet the pope, here in Jerusalem the streets were almost empty. Much of the Jewish population are not simply disinterested, but are both disgusted and ashamed that he was allowed to come in the first place. What follows is the explanation.

Formerly as Cardinal Ratzinger, he proudly headed the Office Of The “Holy” Inquisition with its 1000 year history of torturing and murdering Jews, and burning our holy books. To this very day, the Talmud is still on the list of books banned by the Inquisition. The Vatican store rooms are full of treasures of gold and silver religious objects, and rare priceless holy books that they plundered from the Jews.

As the infallible Pope (Benedict XVI), the Vicar of God (i.e. God’s representative on Earth), Ratzinger attempted to annul the excommunication of an infamous Holocaust denying bishop, until he himself was forced to publicly “recant” after receiving a tongue lashing from none other than Angela Merkel, the current PM of Germany.

As the infallible Pope, the Vicar of God, he gave his blessing to anti-semitic fest known as Durban II. A few nations from the free world, those who had some vestigial fear of God, refused to attend. And even those Western nations who did attend (other than Switzerland) had the decency to leave the plenum when Hitler’s soulmate Achmedinejad (i.e. the Iranian president) launched his anti-Semitic vitriol, except for the members of the Vatican delegation who gave Achmedinajed an audience.

Figure 3: Achmedinejad's Hizbollah troops giving a Nazi salute

Figure 1: Achmedinejad's Hezbollah troops giving a Nazi salute

As the infallible Pope, the Vicar of God, he is actively promoting the canonization of Pacelli, Hiltler’s Pope,  “Pius” XII, i.e. to elevate him to the status of “saint”. In 1933 the spineless Pacelli, at that time the Vatican’s Cardinal Secretary of State, voluntarily signed the Reichskonkordat (concordat) where Hitler promised to grant the Vatican and the German Catholics illusive rights in exchange for the Vatican’s support of  the Ermächtigungsgesetz (enabling act) that removed the last moral and legal obstacles to the dissolution of the Reichstag (the German Parliament) and the granting of the murderous megalomaniac Hitler absolute dictatorial power. In fact Hitler never honored any of the agreement even before the ink had dried. But Pacelli’s capitulation had an immediate effect on the German Catholic population. They lost their faith in the Church leadership so much so that most publicly abandoned their Catholic faith, and joined the Nazi party. The Spanish and French Catholic leadership took their cues from Pacelli too. They respectively supported the Franco fascist and the Vichy facist governments. Pacelli’s concordat was also significant in that it represented the first foreign government to sign a treaty with the Nazis.

.”Figure 2: Pacelli (center) at the ignominious signing ceremony of the Reichskonkordat [Wikipedia]

Figure 2: Pacelli (center) at the ignominious signing ceremony of the Reichskonkordat {Wikipedia: German National Archives}


.”Figure 3: Senior German Catholic clergy standing together with the evil Joseph Goebbels (far right) saluting their pagan Führer [Yad Vashem]

Figure 3: Senior German Catholic clergy standing together with the evil Joseph Goebbels (far right) saluting their pagan Führer {Yad Vashem}

On a number of occasions since becoming Pope, Ratzinger took the opportunity to “morally” chastise Israel for retaliating against terrorist attacks. The modus operandi of Hezbollah, Hamas, and the PLO is to intentionally target and maim and murder Jewish civilians. Whenever Israel responded to their attacks by attacking the terrorist fighters and their military installations which were more often than not intentionally located inside their civillian population, Ratzinger decried the “cycle of violence”. He made a moral equivalence between the aggressor and the victim. He chastised the Jews for not “turning the other cheek” like they had been forced to do for the past 1000 years when they were defenseless against Hitler’s gas chambers, the pyres of his inquistion, and the pogroms instigated by his Church’s leaders and their crusaders. Isn’t it ironic that Ratzinger recently delivered a withering denunciation against one of the biggest sins of our times “moral relativism” ?

Ratzinger has reintroduced the old Trident mass with its anti-semitic connotations.

When Ratzinger prayed at Auschwitz he simply mentioned only millions of “Poles” who were murdered by the Nazis. He intentionally glossed over the fact that the majority of the victims of Auschwitz were Jews who were slaughtered by the Germans and the Poles.

Most Israelis, and especially Jerusalemites, do not believe that Ratzinger is a friend of the Jewish People. If he wants to pontificate in Rome that is his business, but don’t insult us by parading through the streets of our city. Many are disgusted and ashamed that this visit is being allowed to take place at all. For those whose primary identity is Jewish, who lead a Jewish way of life, and who keenly remember history, the disgust is even sharper. We are also ashamed because our government is allowing this event to take place – to give honor and to allow the seed of Amalek to parade through the streets of the Holy City of Jerusalem to defile it.

Unfortunately I sense that there is something far more insidious taking place here. The Israeli news media are reporting that the Vatican is having ferocious negotations with the Israeli government over large tracts of so-called Christian holy sites (including King David’s Tomb) that they demand that the Israeli government hand sovereignty (!) over to them. There are rumors that the Vatican threatened to embarass Israel by cancelling Ratzinger’s “private” pilgrimage at the last minute if the Israelis didn’t accede to their demands. The anti-capitulation camp is lead by Israel’s Minister of the Interior Eli Yishai. The pro-Vatican camp is lead by none other than the President of Israel Shimon Peres. Obama is reviving the Vatican’s demands since 1948 that the Old City of Jerusalem be internationalized (i.e. sovereignty be given to the Vatican, while policing be under the auspicies of the UN). In 1993 Shimon Peres, the Oslo traitor, made secret agreements with the Vatican to internationalize the Old City that were subsequently published in the Italian newspaper La Stampa on 1993-09-10 . Twice, the previous Pope, John Paul II, who everyone claims had an affinity for the Jews, gave an audience to the incorrigible arch-terrorist murderer Yasser Arafat, where they agreed to split the Old City between themselves.

Peres’ penchant for treachery is well documented, starting with Israeli Prime Minister Moshe Sharett. I have stated that I totally and utterly reject Peres and consider his rise to prominence a malignant, immoral disgrace . I will rend my clothes in mourning for the State if I see him become a minister in the Israeli government …. [Sharett’s personal diary, 1957]. Peres’ affinity for the Catholic Church is well known. There are persistent rumors that as a young child in Poland, until he made Aliya at the age of 9 in 1932, he attended a Jesuit school. [Give me the child till the age of seven and I will show you the man – Ignatius of Layola, the founder of the Jesuits].

But the real problem and enigma are about Bibi, the new allegedly right of center Prime Minister. Bibi could have engineered a thousand ways to keep the Pope away.

Note that the above post violates the following two quaint Israeli laws:

  1. Israel has a draconian law against violating religious sensitivities. According to the letter of the statute, it doesn’t matter whether what one states is accurate, or quoted from respectable academic sources. If the material violates religious sensitivity then ipso facto shouting it out or publicizing it is illegal. Yad Vashem’s own exhibit about Pacelli, which describes him in terms similar to what I do above, greatly offends the Vatican. The papal nuncio in Israel threatened that his boss would boycott Yad Vashem if the exhibit were not amended or removed entirely – so it would seem that Yad Vashem is breaking this law. However as is so typical in the enforcement of Israeli laws that circumscribe freedom of speech, the prosecution is highly selective; they are applied only against right wing religious Jews. The only prosecution under this law was against a young women Tatiana Sushkin, who drew a picture depicting Muhammad as a pig, and pasted it on shops in Hevron. She was convicted, and languished in jail for a few years. Egregious insulting pictures or advertisements against Orthodox Jews created by secular Israelis such as Tommy Lapid’s Shinui party or boomka.org’s anti-semitic cartoon contest are completely ignored by the police and the public prosecutor’s office.
  2. Israel still retains a British Military Occupation law against insulting civil servants. There are special versions of this law against insulting the president and judges. Nadia Matar, a famous religious right wing activist, is currently being prosecuted/pursued under this law for publishing an uncannily accurate comparison between the letter that the Warsaw Ghetto Judenratt sent to the residents of the ghetto in order to convince them to cooperate with the Nazis, and the letter that Yonatan Bassi (who was in charge of the government agency set up to administer the immoral and criminal expulsion and liquidation of the Jewish settlements in Gaza and northern Samaria) sent to the to-be-expelled residents of Gaza and nothern Samaria. This law like the previous one is not dependent upon the criticism being accurate. Simply being insulting is sufficient to violate it, at least according to the letter of the statute.  Now that Shimon Peres is president, my quoting of former PM Moshe Sharett’s grossly negative amd insulting assessment of Shimon Peres’ integrity probably violates the law. My referring to him as an Oslo traitor, in spite of the facts that objectively the Oslo process was a strategic blunder that never yielded peace or security as promised, and that resulted in thousands of Jewish civilians being murdered, maimed, widowed, and orphaned, is still insulting. Ah yes, but Shulamit Aloni and Yossi Sarid were never prosecuted for demonstrating with a sign declaring that Menachem Begin was a murderer, and Dana (daughter of Ehud) Olmert  was never prosecuted for demonstrating with a similar sign calling Dan Haultz a murderer. Justice ain’t blind here. Different strokes for different folks.


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